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Alan B. Gordon is a Managing Attorney at Erin Joyce Law, PC. He graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in 1986 and was admitted to the California Bar for over 35 years. He has spent most of his legal career in the public sector, including more than 18 years at the Office of the Chief Counsel of the California State Bar, where he began as an associate trial attorney, rose through the ranks to the position of supervising trial attorney, and eventually held a management position as associate chief counsel for more than five years. Alan has been in private practice since 2016, representing almost exclusively lawyers under investigation and disciplinary proceedings, aspiring lawyers threatened with denial of certification of good character, former lawyers who want to determine their rehabilitation and regain their license to practice the law, and anyone else involved in legal affairs in the areas of legal discipline. License and regulation of the legal profession in California. Email: wnahidtj@aods.orglhnpd@mljwy.comalan@erinjoycelaw.cometwmwm@srkep.com | Website: you leave the California State Bar website and are redirected to an external web address provided to the State Bar by a California Licensed Attorney. State Bar relies on attorneys to maintain accurate and up-to-date lists of websites and makes no warranties or other representations as to the accuracy, content or policies of external websites or for any link below. Address: Erin Joyce Law, PC, 117 E Colorado Blvd, Ste 465, Pasadena, CA 91105-3731 If you receive a letter from the state bar, don`t do it alone! You need competent and experienced counselors to answer to the state bar at every step.

Your license is at risk, so make sure you have the best representation from a former prosecutor before sending a response to an investigator or responding to formal charges from the state bar. You can`t make an informed decision without good advice. Call Erin now. To access the website, click Go Now or disable your browser`s pop-up blocker.