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Tim was recommended by someone I trust a lot. The recommendation was right! Tim took the time to know the circumstances of my legal needs. His questions help solidify the direction I had to take. The legal work was done very quickly. All documents were verified before signatures or payments were requested. I highly recommend Tim for any legal needs you may have. In addition, he is a very nice person and it was a pleasure to work with him! The first step to resolving your legal issues is to inquire about your options. Contact our office today if you need help with divorce, family law, personal injury, estate planning or other legal matters. Call us at 319-234-0221 or contact us online. Timothy D.

Ament Law Firm, P.C., with a law firm in Waterloo, helps people with wills and estates, family law, personal injury and other areas of law. We work hard to earn the trust of all our customers. When we represent you, our goal is to help you solve your current problems and put you in a stronger position for a better future. My name is Timothy Ament and my law firm, The Timothy D. Ament Law Firm, PLC, has two offices in Iowa to more easily meet the needs of my clients. From my law firms in Waterloo and Dyersville, Iowa, I serve individuals, families, and business owners in Black Hawk and Dubuque counties and surrounding areas who have legal issues involving: For general business matters, email us at: We serve clients in Northeast Iowa and get to know our clients in a way that: that large companies can`t. We work with our clients to develop legal plans and strategies that meet their needs and help them achieve their goals. Tim Ament has been representing clients since 1988 and has an impressive track record of helping clients solve difficult problems, protect their rights and prepare for a better future. Many of our clients have been with us for years, referred their friends and colleagues to us and came back to us when new legal issues arise. Mr. Ament is a Toronto-based business lawyer who is committed to ensuring that he cares about all of his clients and that their legal needs are met and exceeded. Our firm`s lawyers have successfully represented clients in many legal aspects – from buying a home, starting a business, transferring a business, closing a business, creating an estate plan, avoiding an estate or administering an estate, which has had a positive impact on many aspects of their clients` lives and livelihoods.

Having worked as a lawyer for over 29 years, I have the in-depth knowledge and experience to help you with your most important legal challenges. Whatever the circumstances of your case or the complexity involved, you can trust me to provide the effective representation you need while achieving the positive results you expect. After my wife`s sudden death earlier this year, I contacted 3 other local law firms to find out what I needed (one thing was the legal adoption of my disabled daughter-in-law), and I got nothing but the sleight of hand from each of them. Then I contacted Tim. He met me and listened to my needs. Tim even informed me of other legal issues that needed to be addressed. He got to know my daughter and I and kept us both well informed about the process and the progress of our case. Everything was done in 2 months. I found his knowledge, dedication and professionalism exceptional and his fees were quite reasonable. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs legal assistance. Extra work for our clients for their estate planning and personal legal needs. JUSTICE FOR THE INJURED AND THEIR FAMILIES FIGHTING FOR COMPENSATION AFTER AN ACCIDENT Find out how Mr.

Ament can help you in your construction litigation >>> Mr. Ament is a Toronto-based business lawyer committed to providing his clients with corporate, business and commercial law services and solutions tailored to a wide range of industries, Addressing the unique challenges of operating a business in complex and competitive environments. Confidence. Every interaction we have with a client is based on the simple idea that they trust us to represent them in the best possible way. Customers trust us for many reasons, but we believe that our meaningful and hands-on experience is the key to their trust. Whether you are an employer hiring new employees and demanding employment contracts or firing employees and needing appropriate advice on how to proceed, or you are an employee who has been unfairly fired, Mr. Ament has experience guiding you through the process. We referred several clients to the law firm tim Ament and they were very satisfied with their experience and the planning they did for them. Tim`s company is always happy to work with other professionals as a team approach while maintaining client privacy.