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Their 49/51 rule means that in all aspects of their lives, Chris or Billie «owns» 49 or 51% of the votes. To combat this or help with it, they have developed a 49/51 rule that a person has 51% of the votes, while the remaining 49% yes, an equal word can be good or catastrophic. A 50/50 partnership means that neither of them can take any action or decision without the consent of the other party, unless there are rules in a commercial contract in this regard. «We made the rule after we started working together in 2011,» Billie, 35, told FEMAIL. The couple said adopting the rule has significantly helped their relationship and family, according to the mother of four, her life has changed significantly since the adoption of rule 49/51. An example of the 49/51 rule in action was when they discussed the school their daughters should go to. But a smart couple has found a way to combat potential relationship problems through the 49/51 rule. Of course, all relationships sometimes require people to go up, but deep down I think we all have an instinctive feeling for our contribution and that of others. Today we will look at the 51/49 consequence, another common type of trade partnership. Again, we are talking about distribution of shares and shares for two reasons. One is the economy.

How much money do you earn? The other is control. We are not talking about the economy here. Well, if I own 51% of a partnership and you own 49% – LLC Corporation, whatever, we`re in a company – I earn 2% more, or in fact, if you work the calculations, it`s something like 4% more, okay, but the fact is that I make more money than you (assuming we don`t do anything else with bonuses and salaries and things like that). It`s easy, you understand that it`s something you would negotiate. Joe is an experienced attorney for assault and NC conviction in Raleigh. He also handles cases of medical negligence in Wendell and Raleigh. In the next video, we will again solve these screw and nut problems to return to the question: How do you know you have the right partner? I`m going to give you a very, very practical tip to make sure you have the right partner. We`ll come back to this philosophy, relational and some of those softer things in the next video. Then I say in a 50/50 deal that it`s a relationship because I`d be very, very hesitant to make a 50/50 deal with someone I didn`t really know, really well in the world – with whom I didn`t feel very comfortable. Now, there are ways to mitigate all of these things. There are dispute resolution mechanisms, there are eject buttons when things don`t work.

We`ll talk about this in more videos. But basically, I think you decide here, if you only think about these two things, between, «How well do I know this person? Can we work through all the gray areas? and in the case of 51/49: «Do I really trust this person to treat me in order in their decision-making? » Very valid points. The same goes for Steemit with positive votes. Write a handwritten note – When was the last time you wrote a thank you letter to a client or someone who helped you personally? I have an American friend who says that every month he evaluates the people around him, and if they don`t add value to his life, he drops them, not knowing if it`s the right way to go, even though he`s now made a very good living in comedy, Reginald D Hunter is his name. Put the phone away – you don`t need to be on Instagram while standing in line to get a sandwich. Look up and talk to the cashier like a normal person. If you meet someone or eat a meal with them, put the phone away. Give them your full attention. «My advice for other couples is to just sit down and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and what you like and don`t like,» Billie said Also, we talked about 50/50.

51/49 is a situation where there is a majority voting standard. So the majority, which is usually 51%, I mean, the majority can mean different things, but in general, when you hear that word, it means 51%.