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Mexpro is the only company that offers physical damage and theft insurance for ATVs and commercial vehicles (UTV) in Mexico. If your ATV/UTV is legal on the road (licensed and registered in the US or Canada) and is only driven on conventional roads in Mexico, Mexpro is for you! Most importantly, check the rules for owning a vehicle there. The rules are changing. Will you first get a visitor visa? How long will it take for you to have your permanent residence? I saw MOUNTAIN BIKEs in the streets there. Coverage against physical damage and theft is in tow and when provided decoupled and self-propelled with a separate policy. Keep in mind that coverage only applies if atV/UTV is legal on the road (licensed and registered) and only if ATV/UTV travels on conventional roads. This coverage is offered with a $2,000 deductible. If your ATV is homologated and registered in the United States or Canada, it is legal on the road in Mexico. If you drive on conventional roads in Mexico, you must have liability insurance from a Mexican company. If a shiny new ATV is on your wish list, there are a few things you need to know about operating in Maine. The state`s beautiful forest and coastal areas are a beautiful place to explore by off-road vehicle. From required permits to legal trails to safety requirements, be sure to refresh the rules and regulations. Italika was founded in 2005.

Today, they account for two-thirds of the motorcycle market in Mexico. The ATVs they produce have smaller engines than a typical American ATV, but are considered very reliable for Mexican roads. Can ATVs (4 wheels) be legally driven on the road? I am trying to decide whether or not to send them. I`d rather use them than have a car. All advice is welcome. One of the many great things about Mexico is their attitude towards ATVs and random vehicles on the roads. Just about anything goes. Italika is a Mexican company. We wanted to buy an Italika vehicle because of the price. Italika is about two to five times cheaper than other mountain bikes.

We briefly considered buying a scooter, but in the end we made the right decision and went with a «Cuatrimoto». Organize the mountain bike. Being about the same danger as driving on a scooter on the roads of Cozumel. I`ve seen a lot of accidents and close calls. While locals are usually friendly and well-behaved people, put them behind the wheel and they take on a different personality. And it endangers those who are on scooters and ATVs. Insurance. We have taken out insurance with Qualitas Compania de Seguros.

We only chose them because our Mexican Amiga, Angela, told us they were good. Our friend started the process for us, and then we had to go to Qualitas` office to finish everything. Finally, they will need your address, a copy of your passport and many photos of the ATV. The woman in the Qualitas office offered me the option to pay in advance or monthly without interest. I decided that it would be easier to pay for everything at once, especially since Qualitas accepts credit cards. After payment, the annual policy became effective immediately and expires exactly one year to the day. I usually trusted the process and didn`t ask any questions, and then later I went through all the documents. For my fee of 7,844 pesos (390 USD) for one year of coverage, I would have to cover 10% of all damage to my ATV and 20% of the replacement cost in case of total theft.

They cover up to 3,000,000 pesos for vehicle liability and 100,000 pesos for medical liability. It also includes legal and roadside assistance, no matter what that means. Fortunately, Qualitas has a dedicated line for its English-speaking customers. She told me to make sure I never had to call to have my police number handy. If you come with a retirement visa, you can mount them with the plates that are on them, but once you move on to Perm. Driving a foreign armoured vehicle is not permitted by law. It is extremely important that you keep your driving record without fines. Therefore, it is ideal to know the necessary permits to enter Mexico. First of all, you should know that it is illegal to ride a motorcycle that is not insured. If your RZR Side By Side is not yet insured, you should visit our Mexico Insurance page.

We have all the necessary information and the best consultants who know the RZR approval for Mexico. Since ATVs are not approved for driving on the highway, you cannot drive your ATV on a public road. This is illegal and can be dangerous because the vehicle is not designed to drive on the road. We also have insurance options that you`ll love. Civil liability and comprehensive coverage include roadside assistance, legal services and medical expenses. They`re as stupid as a box of stones, Sue! Since I bought my full-size van, I feel a little safer here. There is NO protection on a bike! And we can now legally buy pot here too. The voters have spoken!! ?? I must love some of these extra activities in Mexico. we use so many restrictions/rules etc.

for liability issues that the approach in Mexico is a bit difficult to understand. We did mountain bikes around Cabo. lots of fun and lots of open spaces. Although some of my wives managed to take a curve too fast and too sharp and end up falling into a cactus. we have been picking thorns for months.. 🙂 For your mexico vacation to be perfect, you need to meet all the requirements to get RZR approval for Mexico. Requirements include your valid passport or passport card and the official document issued by the Department of Immigration. Please note that the temporary import process of your RZR Side By Side can only be carried out in banjercito modules at the border and in consulates. If you are processing the permit online or in a consular module and you are an American, Canadian or permanent resident in the United States of America or Canada and wish to enter Mexico with the idea of a vacation, you will need to apply for a temporary import permit for your RZR. You must obtain prior electronic authorization on the website of the National Migration Institute. And your helmet was definitely too small – I see it in the video. Fortunately, your brain and eyeballs remained in place! 🙂 Check out these mexico beach resources, FL ATV/OHV: Gail`s run with the cactus still appears all these years later at family gatherings.

funny when I think about it. not so much at the time. Pocket. It was more difficult than I expected to order a box (caja) for the back of our ATV. No one wears them. When I first went to the Honda motorcycle and ATV dealership, they told me they didn`t sell the Cajas. I talked to a friend and he confirmed that he had bought one from Honda the year before, so I went back a week later. This time I spoke to someone who told me that he would order it and install it for 4500 pesos.

They wanted 300 pesos for the installation, but I resisted and they decided to register it. It turns out that the box is not a one-size-fits-all for everyone, or maybe it is, but you need to seriously weld to make it suitable. After three trips back to Honda, they finally installed it. They had to take him to another workshop in the city to do the welding for the installation. It turned out to look pretty good, and I felt a little guilty because I didn`t want to pay for the installation. But 4,500 pesos is a lot of money for a plastic box. The box easily contains our helmets, backpacks and food. And we took elastic cords with us when we need to attach a case of beer to the front of the ATV. Your RZR approval will be granted for the same days allowed in this pre-approval.

In addition, when you enter Mexican territory, you must report to the immigration authorities. This involves changing your pre-approval for the final immigration form that allows you to enter Mexico. «Listen, ma`am. This is Mexico. They can be as heavy or light as you want. Parents decide whether or not they can ride ATVs in Mexico. » ATV 180 It is sold for 34,000 to 38,000 pesos. It is an automatic with reverse, has a maximum speed of 65 km/h and an 8-liter tank with about 184 km of stroke per fuel tank. Since the 150 and 180 don`t have a fuel gauge, there`s a switch to switch from the main fuel tank to the reserve when you get down to the last liters.

You have about 10 seconds to switch to the reserve while driving, when the main tank runs out of gas before the ATV dies. So move quickly or move to the reserve tank. 150 (cc) Sport mountain bike. It is sold between 33,000 and 38,000 pesos. It is an automatic with reverse, has a maximum speed of 45 km/h and an 8-liter tank with an estimated stroke of 212 km per fuel tank. Once I saw the Baja 500, Sue, and believe me, there were no rules I could see.