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Here are some tips for transporting live fish that you should keep in mind: Fish must be killed or released before leaving: Using the life well, bucket, cooler or any other container on your boat to store live fish on the water is good and legal. If you plan to bring fish home with you, you must first kill them. Barry, the links are to the DPI guidelines [i:14j1l1rz][/i:14j1l1rz], not to the regulations. When I study the regulations, I think Pedro may be right. There is enough ambiguity to at least raise doubts about intent and correct interpretation, and probably enough for a defense. On the other hand, this is always due to the way the magistrate decides in this case. «Mesh nets, including trammel nets, are prohibited equipment and cannot be used in Victorian waters. If you see or suspect illegal fishing in Victoria, call the VFA`s 24/7 reporting service, 13 FISH (13-3474), to speak directly to a fishery officer. Fees range from $5.50 to $60, depending on the license term.

Fishermen should note that it is illegal to use mammalian blood or offal as bait in Victorian waters. This makes it difficult for travelers wearing fishing nets to visit lakes and rivers on their way to open waters without breaking the law. I saw local signs on the boat launches that define exactly where to use the cast nets. Talking Tactics › Apparently, you can legally use up to 6 flies in Victoria! Qld and NT are pretty much the only places where they allow netting, hello, can anyone tell me that there are states other than N S W where casting or casting nets is illegal. I have about five casting nets and I have all my bait and sometimes fish and shrimp food with them and I would hate it without having to move them The following equipment is illegal in Victoria: there have always been anomalies in the regulations. Last year, I thought about using tire threads to extract a stain from my sheet metal. The regulations said that when you caught crayfish (didn`t differentiate between diving and tire netting), you couldn`t be in possession of any other equipment that could catch other fish. It was (I think) meant to prevent you from using bait lines or gaffes or maybe spear lichen when diving for madness – although in my youth it was common to try to catch a crab with your hands while carrying a spear rifle.

Anyway, I was wondering if that meant I couldn`t drop a tire net and then throw a leash for a whiting — or for that matter, a fly or bait for a salmon, in between to check the tire net. Anyway, I`ve never tried the tyre nets, but I`ve done a lot of research on what the regulations actually mean, just in case I`ve tried before, and no one can ever give me an answer. I note that in this year`s regulations, the prohibition on being «in possession» of such other fishing gear when fishing for crayfish seems to have disappeared. For FWIW interpretations I have dealt with fishing in recent years, as they have defined «intertidal zones» – and no, it has nothing to do with 3 flies! The problem was that a few years ago, you had to be a Boston lawyer to discover that it was illegal to take abalone from water depths of less than 2 m. But it was and still is. A vintage car I know on the coast would get angry about a great low tide approaching and say they could get their legal 5 abdominal muscles by picking the earth. I guided him through the cross-references in the old regulations to show that it wasn`t legal, but he didn`t believe me, even with the book in front of him. It is much clearer now. Basically, the way the «intertidal zone» is defined is, you have to dive for the abdominal muscles and you should always do it, even if the bass road was drained dry for a day. But I digress! You are not allowed to shoot, pull or pull a net behind a motorboat in Victorian waters. The following devices can be used illegally in Victoria: Define Lines.

Mesh nets, cast iron nets. That`s right. In Washington state, it is illegal to carry a net «on or near closed waters.» Sorry should have set it a little better NT QLD and obviously now WA may be the only places where it is legal to have or use one in possession NSW is considered a use, so do not display it when traveling in NSW. If you read my article above, you will see that nets cast in Washington State are legal in open water. Aside from the important issue of entanglements, it would be good to get meaningful confirmation one way or another, as this has a huge impact on FFs who fish mainly in the hole style. The English influence on the hole style tends towards a team of three flies, which can be «legal» if the above is correct. «The officers confiscated the vehicle, boat, trailer, fish, nets and all fishing gear. Illegally safe in AFRICA and Tasi too, from memory. Cheers, Peter «The transport of the fish weighed about 180 kg and was located by officials in two large containers of fish on the entire bottom of the boat with six trammels between 24 and 102 meters,» Parks said. I think that a real clarification must come from the authorities, so that I can do some research. Officers of the Victorian Fisheries Authority conduct regular licence checks.

If you are found without an up-to-date licence, the officer may send you a notice of violation. In extreme cases, you can be brought to justice. Offences and penalties related to recreational fishing are set out in the Fisheries Act 1995. 1260w Solar: 400ah Lithium Battery: 2000w Projecta IP2000 Inverter. Explosives, firearms, bows and arrows must not be used to catch, attempt, injure or destroy fish. You are not allowed to shoot, pull or pull a net behind a motorboat in Victorian waters. Our civilian and uniformed fishery officers conduct constant spot checks throughout Victoria, resulting in fines of up to $120,000, seized equipment, prohibition notices and up to 10 years in prison. Do I need a fishing licence if I have a senior card in Victoria? Fishing officials were patrolling in the early hours of the morning as they observed a boat that had taken off from South Werribee, allegedly with a trammel net and often without light.

I always thought you could only use 2 flies in Victoria, isn`t it as it seems. When you connect the dots, the DPI regulation says that you can use up to 6 small flies! Persons under the age of 18, over 70 and holders of senior cards are exempt from the requirement to obtain a sport fishing licence in Victoria. The new recreational fishing cards will not be funded by the sale of sport fishing licences. For more details.. in «hole style» fly fishing, fishing a team of three flies is absolutely the norm… worldwide. Fly fishermen who participate in international, national and state events on the lakes most often have a team of three flies when using hole-like techniques. If you have any doubts, read Neil Grose`s book on lake fishing – there`s a lot about the style of hole with a three-fly platform.

Of course, if there is a hatch, the platform can change, for example: nymph under dry .. Hey slammer, don`t worry. It`s an interesting topic and since much of my fishing is hole-style, it has an impact on the way I fish.