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We offer highly competitive extreme off-road bikes while meeting the requirements of obtaining 50 state road approvals. The complete range of the KTM EXC-F 4-stroke ranges from the 250 EXC-F and 350 EXC-F maneuverables to the extraordinary 500 EXC-F power plant. For sale. KTM 350 EXC-F homologated for the road. Very clean bike, one owner, 243 hours. I`ve never run. Mainly used on roads and forest roads. Always excellent maintenance. Oil change every 12 hours. Lots of upgrades, JD tuners, Midwest Mountain En. Levers, rod elevations, fast hand guards. 2018 KTM 500EXC with low miles. 3600 miles, 110 hours Very little off-road time.

No kilometers of highway. Was never abandoned. Spare seat, shift graphics JD jet chip New batteryKeptstreet legalgarageclean title Up-to-date recording Comes with a bike cover, 2 chains and locks. KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days Edition 2019Ownership and driving. Excellent condition, always stored inside, never downstairs, looks brand new. Less than 20 hours, 475 miles. Rear wing kit, Q4 FMF tube and replacement fuel mapping ECU kit installed simultaneously by the KTM dealer. Used bike.

Like the new 6-day edition, KTM 500 exc-f. Absolutely perfect with over $1,000 in upgrades. All stocks with less than 200 miles. No scratches. KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days dual sport 2019. Excellent condition. Mousse inserts the front and back with nails. JD Tuning fuel tuner.

Seat Concepts headquarters. Wolfman Tail Pack. Folding mirror. Tail of sicass neat. Improved front fork and rear shock springs. New clutch. Drive to the hiking trails. Sale of a 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F off-road motorcycle. 90 hours on the bike, Louisiana`s own title in hand. This has been mainly used off-road, but it is the legal model of the road.

I have a standard mudguard for this, but it currently doesn`t have the front mirrors and turn signals. It starts and. This is a 2020 KTM 500 EXC-F, with 698 miles. There were 90 on the road. It is in excellent condition, without any problems. It was purchased by Malcolm Smith Motorsports at Riverside Ca. The entire service is up to date and is maintained by the dealer. I added a few items by hand. 2019 ktm 250 EXC-F Dual Sport with current registrationMotorcycle tally, the bikes have never had a problem and have been regularly maintained. It`s a bit down to add a little more torque and improve its maneuverability. Super enduro bike, has Dot Dual Sport tires and bulletproof windshield protectors. 2018 ktm 250 EXC-F 352 miles, 23.1 h, Lowered, Defogged, Aluminum oil pump gearbox.

Better than new. Dual Sport, street-legal. No transactions. 2018 KTM 500 from left to right 102 hours well maintained. Installed Tubliss and Tuner, GPR steering stabilizers, oversized Acerbis tank and a JD Jet tuner. 2018 KTM 350 EXC-F – When the indicator turns, the bike is available.AZ homologated and registered, but I removed the turn signals and taillights to replace them with flatter ergonomic lights, but I just didn`t bypass it. I still have the stock-one which are plug-and-play and can. 2021 KTM 350 EXC-F This road-approved dual-use off-road motorcycle has only 4 hours and 105 miles on the accountNo off-road use yet. I thought I had more time to take to the streets and go, but traveling for work won`t allow it, so I pass that beauty on to someone who can.

The 2019 KTM 250 EXC-F is fully homologated for the road and offers corresponding engine power. With the evaporative carbon cartridge hidden in the downtube of the frame and an intake valve hidden in the air box, KTM did a great job of eliminating smog and sound reduction utensils. The state-of-the-art engines with the latest electronic fuel injection not only offer the usual high performance expected of a true KTM Dual Sport. With a compact architecture optimised down to the smallest detail, the power plants also contribute significantly to the latest series of centralized weight and mass savings, helping the state-of-the-art chassis deliver previously unimaginable driving capabilities. Exc-F Intake Sophisticated Velocity Focused Intake Reed valve in the intake boat increases throttle torque and response and reduces noise. Composed of three very different models and yet united by KTM`s quest for quality, the exc-F series of off-road models is legal on the road. For starters, your bike will need a headlight, taillight, turn signals, horn, license plate light, and anything else required by your state laws. We sell most of these accessories in our store, and almost any two-stroke mountain bike can be converted for legal use on the street in just a few hours.

2020 KTM 350 EXC-FOne owner purchased new in 2021. Have the title in your hand without privilege. $10,900 oboe. It is a bisport bike, that is to say a DOT plated off-road bike homologated for the road. At 19.7 hours and 308 miles. The bike was mostly mounted on the trail. Maintained according to the KTM service plan. Additional costs. Kmt exc 250 súper excelentes condiciones ningún fallo sticker al día título en mano buenos llantas arranca a la primera Nada que invertirle. At the heart of the compact DOHC (double overhead camshaft) engine is the state-of-the-art cylinder head. It has two overhead camshafts that activate the titanium valves via super lightweight finger pendants with a hard DLC coating.

• TRANSFER. You can list all available 2007 KTM 250 EXC-F and also sign up to receive an email notification when such bikes are announced in the future. Bikez has a large number of users looking for used bikes. Before buying this bike, you should look at the list of associated motorcycles to compare the technical specifications. Look at the photos. The smallest model in the KTM 4-stroke range is a good choice for motivated enthusiasts and ambitious professionals, with its super compact and powerful engine, minimal weight and well-centered masses that offer lively performance and fantastic handling. This plant shares many components with the successful 350 EXC-F engine and offers state-of-the-art performance with a lot of torque thanks to its advanced fuel injection system. The 250 is easy to drive, agile and highly controllable for total driver confidence, with state-of-the-art technology for excellent throttle response and controlled power.

2014 EXC-F 500 DUAL SPORT, Works very well, well maintained, connected, Trail Tech Vapor, Scotts Mount, Rear Rack, Seats 2 Seat Concepts, Comfort and Comfort XL, Stock Tank and 4.4 gal Acerbis Tank, original orange plastic, Bark Busters, Cyclops headlights, LED signals, Tu-Bliss. Rent and test before you buy! Get $25 off your first race on the 2013 Ktm 350 EXC F plated Supermoto Riders Share Black. This Duelsport 350 EXCF is anything but standard and equipped with every conceivable goodie from the aftermarket. I am the 2nd owner, the first owner of this bike was a retired professional who worked at a KTM dealership in Livermore, California. The 2022 KTM XC-W series includes three stable 2-stroke models, all equipped with ready to race pure capability. From the ktm 150 XC-W TPI to the lightweight KTM 250 XC-W TPI to the KTM 300 XC-W TPI, these extreme machines have brought the knowledge, ideas and progress of years of high-level competition. KTM PowerWear is designed to offer the highest levels of performance while providing optimal protection to drivers with all intentions as an off-road or racing driver. 2021 KTM 350 EXC-F – This is basically a brand new bike with only 14 hours and lots of extras. Extras include FMF tubes, skid plate, programmer, decommissioning kit, hand guards, etc.

$11,950 OBO. KTM is not a newcomer when it comes to developing enduro 4-peak weapons. Designed to provide usable power throughout the rev range while maintaining a high level of reliability and accessibility, the 2022 KTM EXC-F and XCF-W series are ready to take on any track. The 350 cc 4-stroke engine with advanced electronic injection offers a very wide power range and is characterized by dynamic power but low fatigue. At its core: a sophisticated DOHC cylinder head with DLC-coated finger pendants and flow-optimized connections, as well as an 88 mm piston in the shape of a very rigid box. At the same time, the compact architecture of the engine helps to tightly group the masses around the center of gravity of the motorcycle to achieve excellent riding ability. All this makes the 350 EXC-F ideal for both amateur and accomplished professionals. Rent and test before you buy! Get $25 off your first ride with 2021 Riders Share KTM 250 EXC tpi NOW $14,705 – WHAT a $15,205 prize is Ride Away, another. KTM 250 EXC tpi SIX DAYS 2021 $16,970 Price is Ride Away. One in stock. KTM 250 EXC tpi 2022 $15,900 Price is Ride Away, Order now. Bazz of Dirt Bike Trader loves a look KTM developed its ultimate 250cc four-stroke trail bike over a period of time, but started the project far behind the infamous eight balls and stayed there for a few years.