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Spin-off popularne serije «The Practice» vodi nas u urede bostonske odvjetničke firme kojom drma Danny Crane (William Shatner, Star Trek: TOS). Serija se ponosi time da se hvata u koštac s problemima koji nas okružuju, a koji su ponekad zanemareni od strane medija. Nije na odmet spomenuti i da je prožeta suptilnim humorom. Uloge: James Spader, Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Rhona Mitra, Craig Bierko, Constance Zimmer, Lake Bell te William Shatner i Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown; peterostruka dobitnica nagrade «Emmy»). The personal and professional lives of Boston`s most experienced litigants form the basis of this prime-time comedy-drama, which has been nominated for several Emmy Awards since its premiere in 2004. When attorney Brad Chase (Mark Valley) was transferred to Boston to keep an eye on Denny Crane (William Shatner), a senior partner at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, he had no idea what he was getting into. While Chase does his best to keep an eye on Crane, Alan Shore (James Spader) uses ethically dubious methods to win business that no one else will touch. And the spin-off of the Emmy-winning legal drama The Practice, Boston Legal also featured respected actors such as Candice Bergen, René Auberjonois and John Larroquette. After his death, more. In the distant future, corporations will have unlimited powers.

A young employee hides his identity to do this. Together against crime, the adventurer is a series that unites the suspense that will keep you at the dawn of a table. The series follows Inspector Perez, who handles business on the remote Scottish island of Shetland, where everyone knows each other. Starring: James SpaderJohn LarroquetteChristian Clemenson The Cold War isn`t over yet — at least in the case of Channel FX, which is preparing a spy series called «The Americans,» including P.P. The couple Katya Bletchfeld and Ben Sinclair wrote the screenplay for the series «At The Height of The Task», which follows Brooklyn («The Bachelorette»). A television adaptation of Ingmar Bergman`s 1973 film about a disintegrating marriage.. Determined to remove their daughter`s photos from a revenge site, the tireless mother (pictured) Brothers Carl, Adi and Michael have a special neighbor: the wise panda Stillwater, whose stories and experiences give them a new pee. If you`re having trouble playing a video, you should use the adblocker-!!!. The series follows a team of special agents tasked with searching for and capturing serial killers.

The story revolves around Kristen (Emma Ishta), who is recruited into a secret government agency that «sews» people in memory of «The Bachelorette.» The personal and professional life of Boston`s most experienced. Sea. The plot of the series takes place in a fictional private prison for women in Spain. Macarena Ferreiro would be innocent and pejorative. Bastian returns home for the holidays to find out that his brother is with his ex, and if not. Roles: James Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Mark Valley, René Auberjonois, Julie Bowen, Gary Anthony Williams, John Larroquette, Tara Summers, Christian Clemenson In the late summer of 1992, three 15-year-old girls, Sandra, Eva and Malena disappeared without a trace of a nightclub in a P. Set in the present, the series tells the story of a series of murders and a group of five former boarding students who are former boarding students. The Perfect Formula series, based on the same film, is a dynamic drama about Brian Finch that explores the influence of .