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These pistols were created as a one-shot gun in the AK style without gas connection in the barrel. They are 100% legal for DROS for anyone in California. They have no gas connection drilled into the barrel, a round zero magazine and a fixed Compmag. Because they are built from scratch as one-shot AK pistols, they are exempt from the seniority exemption under Criminal Code 32100(B). Relevant CP: Article 32100(b)(b) of Article 4 (beginning with Article 31900) and Article 5 (beginning with Article 32000) do not apply to a shotgun with a breaking or bolting effect and a barrel length of at least six inches and a total length of at least 101/2 inches when the handle frame or receiver and barrel are mounted. However, Section 4 (from Section 31900) and Section 5 (from Section 32000) apply to a semi-automatic pistol that has been modified temporarily or permanently so that it does not fire in semi-automatic mode. All technical videos that will develop in the future will be uploaded to our ot. Please ensure that your dealer accepts the transfer of this firearm BEFORE ordering!.