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I have used their 3T brain scans and expert opinions in neuroradiology, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry and neurology and have always been impressed with the quality and timeliness of the medical legal service I receive from Re:Cognition Health. Ben Posford, Partner and Head of Disabling Injury, Osbornes Solicitors LLP As a renowned medical legal support firm, our experts are committed to helping you discover the strengths and weaknesses of a medical case. Our unbiased opinion combined with our expertise and experience allows us to meet the specific needs of our clients with great precision. Our record speaks for itself. We have helped all of our clients win more cases by ensuring our doctors work side-by-side with them every step of the way. Whatever your requirements, we do everything in our power with our medical record analysis to help you with all the important information you need for your case. Medical law cases rely heavily on past medical cases and judgments. We have extensive experience in medical research to make arguments and support facts in court. We have a dedicated team that deals with forensic history. We help build an integrated health system that better responds to adverse social needs by leveraging legal services and expertise to promote the health of individuals and populations. The team has a dedicated staff who handle various aspects of forensic outsourcing, such as: Case screening, medical record review, medical record review, summary and synopsis preparation, forensic research, etc. Since all this is done under one roof, walking becomes much easier.

There are several benefits you get when you choose us as your provider of forensic support. Some of these are – From peer-reviewed privileges to patient safety organizations, there are regulatory and competitive factors from all directions in the healthcare industry. Katten`s healthcare team has the knowledge, experience and resources to help healthcare organizations focus on patient care and all its commercial, regulatory and legal implications. Forensic work is an attractive option for physicians who wish to diversify their practice, take a break from their career, or leave clinical medicine altogether. As the number of legal processes the NHS is involved in increases every year, this is a rapidly evolving and exciting field to work in. We explore all the pros and cons of a forensic career for physicians. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified forensic service provider, we take a fully client-centric approach, which is why we strive to provide you with the best professional forensic services at all times. We rely on a Six Sigma methodology to ensure the efficiency of the work at all times. This has allowed us to shorten our processing times and meet your request both your expectations. For this reason, all our customers see an expanded team in our team of employees and blindly trust us with all their requirements. Medical affairs are of paramount importance to the administration of justice.

A doctor plays a crucial role in the conduct of such cases. Indeed, in addition to health obligations, a doctor has legal and ethical obligations and must respect the laws of the country in the performance of his duties. The Association of American Medical Colleges conducted a three-year study on the impact of medical-legal partnerships on health equity and developed a set of tools to evaluate MLP services. Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of forensic support services. We have over 18 years of experience assisting legal departments and law firms with their medical needs. Led by a team of senior doctors, specialists, doctors and lawyers, we provide our clients with first-class services and support them 24/7. As a leading provider of forensic support services, our services are characterized by high accuracy and productivity, as we also have immense expertise in outsourcing legal processes. Every forensic case has a strength and a weakness. We disclose both points to the law firm. This helps them understand a case from all angles and choose the right approach to present the case to court. Another reason to outsource forensic support services is to save time. Most of the tasks delegated to them are done overnight.

Here, too, several suppliers operate from different global locations. Using their services, it is possible to cover a case even outside office hours. Our experts have contributed to several high-profile personal injury cases and we are proud to partner with leading law firms and bar associations. The client lacked experience in paralegal proceedings and needed our help in submitting drafts and applications. Our services speed up processing and reduce your overhead and time. Understanding a medical case from a medical perspective and presenting it from a legal perspective are two different ball games. However, our expertise in creating the summary helps to find common ground. We have experts to make the design complete and easy to understand. Whether GMC registration is maintained or not, there is a wide range of opportunities for physicians who perform forensic work. This could include working as part of an NHS trust, an NHS specialist body, a regulatory or safety and quality organisation, or within academia.