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A mailbox on the third floor has been assigned to you by the faculty lounge (room 349). You will receive a key to the annex offices and a class key. The key to the faculty and staff lounge is the same as the key to the classroom. There is a copy room (room 413) with a hanging key in each annex office if you need to make copies. Email is the primary method of communication in law school. Please enter your preferred email address and send this information to Erin Papson (517-432-6931). An additional faculty member can set up an MSU email account to separate law school messages from personal/work emails. Please contact John Resotko, Assistant Director of Systems Administration (Room 206A, 517-432-6836) to request your email account. (Please note that this is a email address, not a law school email address, based on your NetID.) TWEN – Class website via West Education Network ( Contact Daryl Thompson, Technology Services Librarian (517-432-6866) or your faculty secretary for assistance creating a TWEN page. Office supplies are stored in the photocopy room on the fourth floor (room 413). If you need something that is currently out of stock, contact your faculty secretary.

Once your MSU appointment form has been processed, you can receive an MSU network ID and password. You can request an email that gives you access to many teaching-related MSU systems, including course management software (D2L), MSU libraries, and instructor systems. Please contact John Resotko, Assistant Director of Systems Administration (Room 206A, 517-432-6836) to request your email account. (Please note that this is a email address, not a law school email address, based on your NetID.) If we are notified of an incident in another building, our emergency response team will lock all doors on the ground floor. There are signs on the exterior doors to inform anyone trying to enter our building that we are locked. In the building, all classrooms and offices must be locked and staff, faculty and students must remain in place until everything is clear. There will be no reason to change rooms, all classrooms will be locked. Park in the Shaw Ramp parking structure.

Parking is strictly mandatory until 18:00. Prior to the start of the semester, we will send the first day parking passes to any extraordinary faculty member who has scheduled a class for 6:00 p.m. or earlier. Your remaining passports will be in your mailbox unless you request otherwise. If you are teaching an evening class and would like to obtain a parking pass for office hours or student meetings, please contact Erin Papson. Our faculty and staff are here for you. MSU Law`s experience is characterized by our open-door policy, personal learning opportunities and lifetime mentorships. Rooms 354 and 356 are available to the faculty on a first-come, first-served basis for student lectures and classroom preparation. If these offices are used, Erin Papson (517-432-6931) can help you find other spaces. They have been assigned to one of our faculty secretaries – Parryss Carter-McGee (517-432-6818) or Marie Gordon (517-432-6816). Upon request, your faculty secretariat will assist you in obtaining free copies of textbooks, using the photocopier and ordering consumables, as well as preparing for your final exam. We strongly recommend that faculty, faculty and staff sign up for MSU Alerts.

To do this, go to If you have an MSU NetID and credentials, you can sign up for MSU alerts. If you don`t have a NetID, you can sign up for Nixle notifications. You have the option to register different phone numbers and you need to include your phone. Please bring your mobile phones to class. When an incident is identified on campus, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the incident and location. Tornado warnings, active shooters, train accidents, any information that the university deems important to campus safety is sent in this way. We always hope that there is no reason to use emergency procedures, but we must provide for this possibility. Below you will find our procedures.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about using Allen keys to lock classrooms on the 4th floor, please email Teresa Eldred, Director of Human Resources and Operations. Faculty, staff and students must arrive at the collection point located at the northwest corner of the Shaw parking ramp. If the weather is unfavorable, we evacuate to the same place inside the ramp. Be sure to inform a member of the emergency response team that you have arrived. We will wait at the assembly point until the police or fire department ask us to.