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Are class actions eligible, or are employees only allowed to assert their work and labour claims individually? 66. Areas of occupational health. If satisfied that an industrial or agricultural establishment is located in a remote and isolated area, taking into account existing medical and sanitary conditions and facilities, water supply and transportation links, the Minister may declare the zone an occupational health zone by regulation; and during the period of employment of an employee in an occupational health sector, the employer shall provide such facilities and make such arrangements as may be determined by regulation under section 67 of this Act and shall otherwise comply with the requirements of those regulations. (5) At the request of the complainant, a labour officer authorized to act under section 78 (1) (j) of this Act may represent the complainant at the hearing of the complaint. (2) If a young person is over twelve years of age and under sixteen years of age without known parents or guardians, a licensed labour officer may authorize apprenticeship training and designate an appropriate person to carry out the written apprenticeship contract and generally act as the guardian of that young person. `worker` means any person who has concluded a contract with an employer or works under such a contract, whether that contract relates to manual or clerical work, express, implied, oral or written, and whether it is a contract of employment or a personal contract for the performance of work or work; but not – Are there any new trends or hot topics in labour and employment regulation in your province or territory? Are there any proposals to amend the legislation at present? An employee is entitled to a leave with pay of up to 12 working days in a calendar year due to a temporary illness certified by a medical officer. An employee`s employment is guaranteed for 12 days of paid sick leave. The contract remains in force and the employee must perform his part of the contract, with the exception of incapacity for work caused by illness. The permit is issued to an authorized labour officer for immediate transmission to the Minister. In general, employees are entitled to 12 days of paid sick leave per year. 1.

The transfer of a contract from one employer to another shall require the consent of the worker and the approval of the transfer under contract law by an authorised labour officer. (4) A licensed labour officer shall keep the source of a complaint concerning a violation of this Act absolutely confidential and, during a visit to an employer`s premises following such a complaint, shall not indicate to the employer or the employer`s representative that the visit was made as a result of the «complaint». 8. Where an employer terminates the contract of employment of a worker who has been continuously employed for three months or more, the employer is not required under this division to make a payment during a period during which the worker is absent from work with the leave granted by the employer at the request of the worker. Is a labour market test required as a prerequisite for obtaining a short-term or long-term visa? (d) the monetary value of a leave entitlement accrued but not used at the time of actual termination; (3) No authorized labour officer, except as required for the purposes of a complaint or prosecution under this Act, shall publish or disclose details of any manufacture, trade or work process of which he or she becomes aware in the performance of his or her duties. (1) Every recruiter shall keep, in the prescribed form, records to verify the regularity of each recruitment exercise and his own conduct and shall submit the records for inspection at the request of an authorized labour officer. (1) In addition to the other powers conferred by this Act, a licensed employment agency may, for the purpose of facilitating or ensuring the proper administration of this Act, – 16. Subject to the Workers` Compensation Act, an employee is entitled to wages of up to twelve working days in a calendar year during his absence from work due to a temporary illness certified by a licensed medical practitioner: this article does not apply unless the Labour Code provides for compulsory annual leave. The Labour Code stipulates that every employee is entitled to annual leave with full pay of at least six working days after 12 consecutive months of service. For employees who do not fall within the scope of the Labour Code (skilled workers), there are no legal regulations for annual leave, but the norm is 15 to 20 working days per 12 months of service, usually with pay. In many cases, there is also vacation pay of 50-100% of the monthly salary.

(4) In the absence of a register of births, the age of each person may be determined and established by the official of the authorized employment before whom a contract of apprenticeship is certified in accordance with section 50 of this Act; and the age thus determined is decisive for the purposes of sections 49 to 53 of this Act. Nigerian labour law does not provide for defined working hours for employees. Working time is determined by an agreement between the employer and the employee or, where appropriate, by collective bargaining or a company wage commission. Labour Code (Laws of the Federation of Nigeria), 2004, § 13 (3) An authorized labour officer, if satisfied that an employer who has not applied for registration under subsection (2) (a) of this section is a person who should have done so, may, by written notification, request the employer to make an application to that effect.