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The Center for Student Legal Services has been providing affordable legal aid to Ohio University students since 1997. We are a non-profit organization funded solely by enrolling students in our program. Students can enroll in the program as an option on their semester tuition. The cost of registration is $15 per semester, including summer sessions. Off-campus housingLease review Cars (accidents, purchase, sale, repairs) Consumer transactions Contracts Payment of credit and debts of marriage documents Design and revisionEmployment Estate planning Identity theft Name change Notary Power of attorney Protection orders Victims of crime We encourage you to carefully consider the decision to refuse coverage. Students who waive coverage cannot reverse this decision later in the year if a legal problem or issue arises, without exception. Students who are not Ohio residents receive a tuition supplement for non-residents. The State of Ohio offers an education grant to Ohio residents, which is largely funded by Ohio taxpayers. To obtain Ohio Residence for Study purposes, a student would have to demonstrate that they meet the qualifications established by the Ohio Department of Advanced Education in the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3333.1.10 and the Revised Ohio Code, Chapter 3333.31. For more information, see Ohio Residency for Tuition.

Ohio residents who cannot prove their registration in the selective service system will also receive a tuition supplement for non-residents. New transfer students and new first-year students who enroll in the spring and summer semesters will be charged a one-time fee of $25. New students who register on the Columbus campus in the fall semester will receive a one-time fee of $50. Students on the regional campus receive a one-time fee of $50 (referred to as the «new student fee» on the bank statement). International business students who enroll receive a one-time fee of $50 for their first semester. Visit the academic orientation page for more information. Starting in fall 2017, all new international students will be required to pay international fees of up to $1,464 per semester for the duration of their career. International students admitted between fall 2015 and summer 2017 will receive international fees of up to $966 per semester for the duration of their career.

Students enrolled before August 2015 will receive international fees of up to $498 per semester. Fees are calculated based on the number of credit hours the student is enrolled in. These fees provide resources for international students, including academic support services (e.g., language offerings, improvements to temporary housing and counselling services, planning and implementation of new programs) and provide resources for strategic university-wide investments. Ohio State students enrolled on the main campus in Columbus in a program of study who are not primarily considered «employees» and who have not opted out of the SLS program are generally eligible for services. SLS cannot represent students against: Ohio State University or a student attending Ohio State University or any other university that participates in an SLS plan. No. Student Legal Services contracts with Ohio State to provide legal services to students. And Student Legal Services is the only law firm to have contracted with Ohio State to provide services to students.

Since our only customers are Ohio State students, SLS is heavily invested in its partnership with the State of Ohio. SLS staff are aware of the many resources the State of Ohio provides to students and work closely with Ohio State partners to ensure student success. In general, yes. SLS attorneys are in Franklin County Municipal Court every day of the week, representing Ohio state students charged with criminal offenses and traffic offenses. SLS also represents students involved in civil and landlord-tenant litigation in Franklin County. SLS also represents students in immigration and naturalization matters. Although SLS does not generally represent in court outside of Franklin County, but still in Ohio, SLS regularly provides legal advice on these matters. Students eligible for Ohio State SLS services are also eligible for Wright State, Kent State, Bowling Green, Ohio University and Toledo services. All services provided must be provided in accordance with applicable law. Evaluated for students who are in a program of study with at least one credit that is not distance learning, whose home campus is Columbus, and who are not regular employees of Ohio State University. Fees are charged only once upon first registration for the school year: $40 if enrolled in the fall (fall to summer semester coverage), $23 if registered in the spring but not registered for fall (spring and summer semester coverage), $6 for summer only. All students (except those who are regular employees of the university) who complete 4 or more credit hours on the Columbus campus will receive a recreation fee that provides support for all recreational sports facilities, programs and services on campus.