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The Office of Management Programmes (OMP) provides administrative and support services to the Civil Department, including budget and finance, facilities, human resources management, information technology, litigation assistance, case management and security. It provides lawyers in the civil department with a modern and efficient environment for the practice of law and the management of the civil department with management and organizational boards. The OPL also develops policy guidance to the civil ministry in response to legal, regulatory and administrative requirements. OMP in law. (2020, May 24). Retrieved 25. November 2022 from OMP Full Form OMP Abbreviation OMP Acronym Full Form OMP may refer to: OMOK – OMON – OMOT – OMOV – OMOW – OMP (CDER) – OMP (OC) – OMPA – OMPC – OMMPD Use one of the following options to include these acronyms in your bibliography. The OMP meaning in legal is «Ocean Margins Program».

There are 1 related meanings of the abbreviation OMP Legal. The full form of the OMP is the «Office of Maritime Programs».